Anthronoetic Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has made great strides, integrating algorithms with big data to infer answers for critical strategic, societal, and scientific problems. NoME’s Anthronoetic (human-like) Artificial Intelligence is the next generation of sophistication: an artificial intelligence designed to think in a human style.

Surpassing Neural Nets

Oceanit is developing the next-generation AI: Noetic Mathematical Engine (NoME).Through this approach, we will replicate the human thought process in computers and surpass the current, big data approaches of neural networks.

Natural Language

NoME focuses on natural language processing, a linguistic-centric approach designed to think in a human style. This means an AI that understands fluidity; the nuance and recursive nature of human cognition.

Explanatory AI

NoME's Anthronoetic style of artificial intelligence offers explanations to accompany answers. This enables a user to understand both what the NoME output or answer was and understand how NoME arrived at that output.